Channellock® Lineman's/Electrician's Pliers

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Channellock® Lineman's/Electrician's Pliers Features:

  • Cross-hatch serrated jaws provide better grip on work
  • Anvil and knife cutting edge is hand honed, induction hardened and tested on frayed hemp and piano wire
  • Nose is long and slim for tight spots, jaw gap grips wire tightly and extends wear
  • Posigrip™ safety handle
  • Perfectly mated cutters are hand honed and ardened to hold their edge and cut cleanly
  • Edges are lengthened for flat multi-core cables
  • Hardened crimping nest can be used with non- insulated connectors
  • Insulated to 1000V
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Item #SizeDescription
T3248216mm (8.5")Insulated Lineman's Pliers (1000V)
T349G225mm(9")High Leverage Combination pliers